JULY 24-25 · PARIS

Interchain Builders Conference

2 Days   800 Cosmonauts   80 Speakers  Technical Talks  Developer Workshops  Chill Vibes

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The Albert School, Paris
The Albert School in Paris
18 Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, France
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Built in 1889, our venue is one of the former ceramic workshops of Choisy-le-Roi, in the 10th district of Paris. Over the years, it served as a museum, and in the last decades was a walk-through haunted house.

It was recently renovated to accommodate Albert School, a data-centric business school. It retains its charm as warm hybrid space, halfway between a school and a co-working space.


Photo of Sunny Aggarwal

Sunny Aggarwal

Photo of Richard Caetano

Richard Caetano

Photo of Jim Chang

Jim Chang

Photo of Yair Cleper

Yair Cleper

Co-founder & CEOLava Network
Photo of Sebastien Couture

Sebastien Couture

General PartnerInterop
Photo of Brian Crain

Brian Crain

Co-founder & CEOChorus.One
Photo of Bo Du

Bo Du

Co-founderPolymer Labs
Photo of Susannah Evans

Susannah Evans

Product LeadInterchain GmbH
Photo of Adrien  Faguet

Adrien Faguet

Photo of Max Hampshire

Max Hampshire

Senior Developer Relations Nym
Photo of Jake Hartnell

Jake Hartnell

Photo of Ismael Hishon-Rezaizadeh

Ismael Hishon-Rezaizadeh

Founder & CEOLagrange Labs
Photo of Daniel Hwang

Daniel Hwang

Founding MemberValidator Commons
Photo of Ismail Khoffi

Ismail Khoffi

Co-founder & CTOCelestia
Photo of Jon Kol

Jon Kol

CEO and CofounderHyperlane
Photo of Ivan Kostov

Ivan Kostov

Co-FounderNolus Protocol
Photo of Rebecca Liao

Rebecca Liao

Co-founder & CEOSaga.xyz
Photo of Dan Lynch

Dan Lynch

Photo of Maghnus Mareneck

Maghnus Mareneck

Co-FounderSkip Protocol
Photo of Roea Mortaki

Roea Mortaki

Co-founder & COOQuicksilver
Photo of Théo Pelliet

Théo Pelliet

Head of Blockchain EcosystemOKP4
Photo of Fabian Riewe

Fabian Riewe

Co-Founder and CEOKYVE Network
Photo of  Spaydh


General ManagerNeutron
Photo of  Thyborg


Business LeadInformal Systems
Photo of Dean Tribble

Dean Tribble

Photo of Nic Z

Nic Z

Photo of Guy Zyskind

Guy Zyskind

Founder & CEOSecret
Photo of Charles d'Haussy

Charles d'Haussy

CEOdYdX Foundation
Photo of Henry de Valence

Henry de Valence


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